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The TECCO® SYSTEM3 - your slope made stable

The TECCO® SYSTEM3 - Your Slope made Stable. Virtually invisible after revegetation.

Safety, cost efficiency and sustainability - these properties are what have made the TECCO® slope stabilization system from Geobrugg one-of-a-kind and successful all over the world. Now with three different wire strengths, the specialists for safety meshes have expanded the field of application of the TECCO® SYSTEM3 many times over. It can now be applied to nearly any slope, regardless of whether it is solid rock, soil, or anything in between. System solutions to the power of three so to speak. Additionally, two new spike plate sizes further expand the range of application and allow optimization of anchor spacing. The revised RUVOLUM® dimensioning software makes it possible to quickly and accurately plan safety measures. 

High-tensile steel wire – it comes down to inner values
The TECCO® mesh is available with wire thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm or 4mm - with a tensile strength of over 1770 N/mm2. Why is this important? The full scale testing showed that success or failure of the stabilization system is completely dependent upon the ability of the mesh to transfer forces from the slope to the nails. The only way to achieve this efficiently and safely is to use mesh with a high tensile wire that enables this critical load transfer from the mesh to the spike plates.

The full scale testing showed that success or failure of the stabilization system is completely dependent upon the ability of the mesh to transfer forces from the slope to the nails.  

Contrary to supporting walls, shotcrete, wire rope nets, heavy square mesh nets and reinforced hexagonal meshes, the TECCO® SYSTEM3 offers advantages, such as:

  • a slope stabilizing system for almost any geotechnical conditions 
  • cost-effectiveness thanks to flexible nail spacing
    of up to 3.5m x 3.5m
  • quick and easy to install with no excavation work required
  • fast installation and lower total project cost 
  • virtually invisible after revegetation
  • 4 to 9 times smaller CO2 footprint
  • closed traffic routes can reopen quicker 


TECCO® in unconsolidated soil

  • pre-tensioning optimized to minimize deformation
  • simple to connect with no unnecessary overlaps
  • even distribution of forces
  • quick to cover with natural vegetation
  • freely dimensionable nail grid
  • spike plates can be selected based on dimensioning 

TECCO® in rock

  • can be installed close to the ground in any terrain
  • flexible nail pattern
  • very safe working environment as the mesh can be drilled through 

SPIDER® spiral rope net

  • spiral rope made from twisted high-tensile steel wire
  • high tensile strength
  • can be nailed close to the ground in any terrain
  • highly resistant to perforation
  • mesh can be drilled through, permitting the precise positioning of nails to stabilize individual boulders 

TECCO® SYSTEM3  components

RUVOLUM® workshops
Geobrugg provides special application workshops for the online RUVOLUM® Dimensioning Software. Do you want to know how to use the dimensioning software advantageously and efficiently? Then do not hesitate to register for a workshop free of charge:

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